Hey there gal pals, lovers, friends, WELCOME!
and thanks for stopping by!
Cada todo translates to “every & all” in Spanish and plays homage to this little creative realm where reclaimed textiles and body inclusivity collide.
This journey began with a strong focus towards body inclusivity; living in a bigger body myself I had experienced the lack of diverse, fabulous and mindfully made garments made for my body. What followed was my love for collecting, crafting and up-cycling being propelled into the mix. Never in my wildest dreams had I previously realised how harmoniously these worlds would collide. 
Each dress is distinctive, a uniquely one-off form in all its dazzling delight, they are constructed by me, one by one in my humble little studio, nestled along The Cooks River, on the land of the Gadigal people. 
All pieces are made up of a feast of found fabrics, heart stirring treasures and well travelled, long preserved textiles that I have collected over many moons. Many of which were destined for a life unloved, discarded and left to disintegrate in off-shore landfill contributing to climate change and environmental catastrophe. I often find textiles lingering in second hand markets, forgotten at the back of strangers linen cupboards or collecting dust in garages or storage systems. Through my practice i have been able to prolong their life - reimagining the many forgotten layers into the ever so divine Gingham Gal & Breezy Babe dresses enabling these precious rapidly vanishing non-renewable resources to continue to live, shine, give and connect. 
My joy, and fulfilment not only lies within the transforming of materials through combining, clashing, mixing and marrying up the varied array of colours, textures and prints, but also the flourishing connections, organic conversations started through a shared and inherent deep love for textiles, our personal relationships with the body and clothing, and how we express our ever evolving individual identities through dress. 
The exploitative, discriminative, toxic nature of the current fashion industry has put a lot of fire in my belly ~ energy that I've chosen to put towards disrupting and rebelling this deeply broken system. 
So come along for the ride! I am so excited to have you here; to share this journey towards an accurate and inclusive representation of the spectrum of bodies in our midst; and to do so whilst causing minimal harm to our beautiful mother nature. 
love Rosa xx