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Gingham Gal Dress ~ SASS QUEEN

Gingham Gal Dress ~ SASS QUEEN

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A classic true wrap style with elastic throughout the waist and a tie up on the left side, mid length with huge gathered tiers from the waist down and little gathered short sleeves  ~ she is bold, wild, adventurous and is made for all bodies.

This colour mishmash is the the queen of candy; lemon yellow, baby pink and pastel mint green with tiny screen printed white flowers. This girl is the nostalgic you didn't know you needed until she was standing right in front of you. 

Fabric: All fabrics in this candy queen are 100% cotton.


Bust Measurement: 112cm - 123cm

Length: 78cm from waist

Please click here for an informed explanation on sizing. We do it a little different over here. ;) It's important you understand so to pick the correct size to adorn your fabulous bod.

Disclaimer: This dress is made entirely from reclaimed, repurposed, existing materials, some of which are vintage and have been stored away for decades therefore little imperfections may be paramount. All fabric has been laundered previously to being sewn into a garment but sometimes little markings are persistent and these little markings are not flaws but little memories woven into each textiles profound histories providing us with nostalgic stories and imaginations of the life lived and the cupboards they were once homed in. Truely magical.

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