Are you interested in learning a new skill?

a skill that provides so much reward and benefit! 

one that allows you to unleash your creativity - to express yourself through experimentation, fabric and dress. 

one that allows you to resist fast fashion and the culture of disposable and/or ill fitting fashion and instead create quality meaningful garments! 

one that allows you to witness the transformation of fabric to a garment - a garment that fits you perfectly and was made by YOU for YOU!

Research suggests a connection between doing stuff with our hands and feeling happy. When we perform activities that our brains think of as life-sustaining—providing shelter, making food, repairing clothing—our bodies release neurochemicals called dopamine and serotonin, which make us feel good.

Not only is learning to sew fun, therapeutic, and engaging - it is also a great tool for social connection.

My upcoming Sydney based classes and weekend workshops will provide a safe space for every BODY - with a focus on mindful making, up-cycling and size inclusivity. 


More details coming soon! 

Sign up below so I can gauge interest for class sizes, event space etc.

“Sewing mends the soul.” – Unknown