I am doing sizing a little different over here!

For years society has conditioned us to believe that our worth as women is reflected by a silly little number in a garment. Those numbers have consumed us, haunted us, and dictated how we should dress and present our bodies, even though those silly little numbers can change so frequently, and vastly. We believe that silly little number is meaningless, misleading and incredibly outdated! Change is overdue. 
All garment sizing is based on measurements and each size range is signified through two word phrases that have absolutely nothing to do with appearance. Because quite frankly, we are so much more!
There are 7 sizes available across all styles. I have intentionally designed garments that have some flexibility across sizing. To see more info on each individual style & their fit on different bodies check out the individual style galleries.

In the below size chart all measurements are in centimetres (CM).